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Smart phone integrated Electric Scooters


Electric scooters are ideal for short city commutes. They are preferred by office goers, home makers, students and companies requiring delivery.  In India, the market is flooded with scooters that are made in China or Taiwan and assembled in India. These scooters are not designed to meet the requirements of our market in terms of power, quality and design. After sales service is very poor for these scooters and consumers end up disposing of their vehicles after a couple of years due to lack of spares, service & support.  In addition the use of lead acid batteries makes these scooters very heavy, offer very less mileage and takes 6-8 hours of charging time.

The growing awareness worldwide of the environmental impact caused by the emission of greenhouse gases has brought to focus the need for clean zero emission technologies. Existing technologies based on hydro carbon fuels are nearly a century old and leave severe long term environmental impact. The after effects of increasing pollution in our cities and towns have helped create a greater awareness on the need for using cleaner alternatives.


By designing and manufacturing the electric scooter completely in India we will be able to address quality, design and cost issues. By offering scooters with Lithium-Ion batteries we will be able to make the scooters lighter, reduce charging time to 3-5 hours and offer greater battery life. By providing two power variants (< 250 watts and > 750 watts) the consumer has an option to choose based on his/her requirement.

Our Prototypes:

We have been working on our Android e-Scooter for more than 18 months (since 2013) with the main objective of offering a clean high-tech e-Scooter completely designed and made in India. The vehicle reflects a complete shift in technology when compared to existing models available in the market. By integrating the scooter with the smart phone we did away with redundant components of the scooter and at the same time leveraged the features of smartphone. The app developed for the e-Scooter provides features like secure remote lock, dashboard, diagnostics display, reminders, theft attempt alert, tracking, etc. The prototype also boasts touch-sensitive controls and comes in two power variants of < 250 and > 750 watts. When launched the models will be available using maintenance free lead-acid (for the cost-savvy customers) or Lithium-Ion batteries (for the power/mileage savvy customers).


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