About Us

Our company Megh Neel Renewable Power Systems Private Limited was founded in August 2011 to address the growing need for green technologies. Our company is registered in India and wholly owned by Indians.

The primary objectives of the company are

  • Help transition to a sustainable World by reducing dependency on existing technologies that severely impact the environment, by improving efficiency of existing systems, promote electric vehicles and renewable energy systems.
  • Bring green technologies to the mainstream by making them reliable, affordable and competitive when compared to existing technologies.
  • Our primary social objective is to help transition to a sustainable World  by raising awareness, adopt sustainable lifestyles, enable transition to renewable energy, shift towards a circular economy.

To meet our primary business objectives, we are currently manufacturing energy efficient motors and drives. All our products are completely developed in-house and are 100% indigenous. This has been possible thanks to the work done by our research & development team.

Development of clean technology systems requires continuous research and development. To keep costs down it is also imperative to build systems that uses in-house developed technologies. Considering these aspects we have built a dedicated R&D team to work on the various aspects of our focus area. It may be noted that all of the sub systems of our products are designed and built in-house. We also have developed mathematical models for different types of Brushless DC Motors and Permanent Magnet Generators.

We aid companies, research institutions and colleges to develop different types of BLDC motors and drive systems.

By ensuring continuous research & development in clean technology we are confident of building products that will positively transform the lives of millions.


Management Team

Navin CC Navin C.C.
Founder & Managing Director