We understand what it takes to bring innovative products to market, and our constant monitoring of changing needs allows our clients to stay ahead of the competition. We solve customer problems relating to motors, drives and generators by utilizing its engineering capability to design, develop, prototype and manufacture innovative products and value added components. With our industry expertise and deep knowledge of applicable technologies we are able to offer high quality, practical and deliverable advice to our clients and help them to successfully find solutions to complicated issues.
Using our expertise right at the beginning of your design phase will prevent any potential weak point in your end product that may limit its general performance.

  • We offer consulting services to assist our client’s development team to gain experience in the electrical motor and drive field.
  • We advise on the best motor drive technologies to use in a variety of applications and also help you identify suppliers for these products, based on the customers overall requirements and constraints.
  • We assist manufacturers incorporate new technology into their existing design and keep their products up to date thereby helping them gain the crucial edge over their competitors.


This being a knowledge intensive arena, we have invested a vast amount of time, effort and resources to develop the knowledge and engineering capabilities.
We have the best in class technical team who are highly motivated and have the drive to solve all customer requirements.

We have the necessary tools and capabilities to develop any custom BLDC motors, drives and gear boxes that may be required in their application. We also build and test any special purpose custom drives and/or gear boxes.

If you are looking to build a innovative product and require a customized energy efficient motor to drive it, then write to us at