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Permanent Magnet Alternators

               We are also offering PMAs for low wind speed turbines with direct drive mechanism. These PMAs output ranges from 250 watts to 4.5 Kilowatts and can be customized for different operating speeds and output voltages. We are offering both inner rotor and outer rotor type alternators. These alternators are suitable for wind & tidal.

Features of our Permanent Magnet Alternators

    • Suitable for both low and high RPM turbines
    • Customizable to match the speed of turbine
    • Suitable for direct drive, avoiding the hassles of gears and gear boxes.
    • Customizable to match any voltage and output requirements
    • Refined design resulting in very low cogging
    • Highly efficient
    • We offer the following series of Permanent Magnet Alternators:-

IR120 – PMA (Inner Rotor Series)

    •  Outputs ranging from 100 Watts to 4500 Watts

OR260 – PMA (Outer Rotor Series)

    • Outputs ranging from 250 Watts to 4500 Watts

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