BLDC Motors

Micro Wind Turbines

Electric Vehicles

 BLDC motors has seen tremendous growth in the last few years and many applications are moving away from brushed DC motors and induction motors. BLDC motors are highly efficient has high power density and require low maintenance. Besides the electronic controllers are more affordable now, making the shift to BLDC motors automatic. Motor applications that require high torque and variable speed will derive the most benefit from the shift.

We are offering two series of BLDC motors comprising of inner rotor and outer rotor type ranging from 35 watts to 3 Kilowatts. The motors can also be custom built according to your requirements.


 We are also offering low wind speed micro turbines with direct drive mechanism. The turbine's output ranges from 250 watts to 1 Kilowatts and can be customized for different operating speeds and output voltages. 


We have been working on battery operated vehicles since 2013 with the main objective of offering a clean high-tech vehicle completely designed and made in India. See our prototypes here

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