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Our company Megh Neel Renewable Power Systems Private Limited was founded in Aug 2011 to address the growing need for green technologies. Our company is registered in India and wholly owned by Indians / Non Resident Indians.

The primary objectives of the company are

i) Meet energy requirements through clean energy generation technologies and thereby reduce dependency on existing technologies that severely impact the environment.

ii) Bring green technologies to the mainstream by making them reliable, affordable and competitive when compared to existing technologies.

Our primary social objective is to provide employment opportunities (direct / indirect through local outsourcing). We intend to increase this scope in the near future.

To meet our primary business objectives, we are developing energy efficient brushless DC motors (BLDC motors), permanent magnet generators (PMA), vertical axis wind turbines and battery operated vehicles. Since Aug 2011, our company has successfully developed multiple products including Vertical Axis Wind Turbines and electric Scooters. All our products were completely developed in-house and are 100% indigenous. This has been possible thanks to the work done by our research & development activities.

Management Team

 Navin C.C.
 Founder & Managing Director
 Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/navincc

 Ratna Prakash C.P.
 Chief Technical Advisor
 Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ratnaprakash


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Corporate Identity Number :  U40108TZ2011PC017366 
Full Name :  Megh Neel Renewable Power Systems Private Limited
Date of incorporation :  29-Aug-2011
Directors :  2
Associates :   9
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